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YOUR ultimate guide to choosing a career!

Updated: Feb 20

Choosing a career can be daunting, especially when you cannot get the right advice. And changing career paths as often as you want may not be a viable option.

First, write a simple preferential list of your hobbies and career aspirations as these elements will form the foundation for your potential career. option. So, let’s explore the following 7 steps to achieve our goal:

1: Self-Assessment

This involves an honest reflection on your wants, needs and preferences, which trigger the following questions:

  • Your personality types? (Confident, Quiet, Loyal, Aggressive, Introvert, Extrovert, etc.)

  • Your interests? (Technology, Healthcare, Fashion, Transport, Office, Services industry, etc.).

  • Your key values? (Independence, Philanthropy, Financial stability, Personal Healthcare, etc.).

  • Your natural aptitudes? (Leadership, Mentoring, Writing, Selling, Planning, Communicating, Management, Technical problem-solving, etc.)

  • Your soft & technical skills? (Writing, Multilingual Communication, Emotional intelligence, Time management, Research, etc.).

2: Define your “must-haves or preferences” – like Location, Salary, Benefits, etc.

3: Explore Your Job list – Ensure they are desirable regarding salary and benefits.

4: Research and simplify your job list – Narrow down to two career paths and make an informed decision. You can be far from the right career now!

5: Need training for the job? – Browse through the job “requirements, “education”, “qualifications” and “experience” to know if you need any. Refresh your CV afterwards.

6: Apply for jobs – Many job sites list millions of jobs daily. Search for opportunities at,,, etc.

7: Learn and grow on the job! – Get started, acquire more knowledge and thrive in your new career!

You'd find inspiration in the acclaimed book "The Ultimate Career Guide". Please contact us for further assistance.

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